Family Matters: this year, a number of eg presentations are from extraordinary family groups: 
parents & kids, husbands & wives, siblings — or the special “family” of teachers and their students.  Creative DNA is infectious.  And those interesting apples don’t fall from from the family tree.  

Below is a partial cast of presenters at eg10, and subject to change.  Register at http://the-eg.com.

                                                                                         Michael Hawley
                                                                                         eg directorhttp://the-eg.comhttp://eg7.the-eg.com/what-is-eg/michael-hawley/shapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1
21-23 JANUARY 2010
Walter ALVAREZ —  Professor of Geology. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Alvarezshapeimage_15_link_0
An Earth historian at UC Berkeley and at the Geological Observatory of Coldigioco in Italy, Walter and his physicist father Luis discovered that the Cretaceous mass extinction was caused by an asteroid impact in the Yucatán Peninsula.  Now he is engaged in synthesizing all of the past – Cosmos, Earth, Life, and Humanity – in a new discipline called Big History.
ANDERSON & ROE —  Pianists http://www.andersonroe.net/shapeimage_17_link_0
The most innovative piano duo around.
                 & FRIENDS OF THE SHOW.
Bryant AUSTIN —  Photographer of Whales. http://www.studiocosmos.com/shapeimage_20_link_0
Bryant creates life-sized photographs of endangered whale species — the largest and most detailed photographs of whales ever produced.
Mark BITTMAN —  Food Author. http://www.markbittman.com/shapeimage_24_link_0
New York Times columnist [aka “The Minimalist”] and best-selling food and cooking author: 
How to Cook Everything, The Best Recipes in the World, and Food Matters, to name a few.
Garrett BROWN —  Filmmaker, Inventor. http://www.garrettbrown.com/shapeimage_27_link_0
Meet the Oscar winner for STEADICAM and SKYCAM: Garrett’s innovations — as ad-man, filmmaker, radio icon, Sports Broadcasting Hall of Famer and  "involuntary risk connoisseur," have altered industries and revolutionized film and television production.
Russell Preston BROWN —  Graphic Inventor. http://www.russellbrown.com/shapeimage_30_link_0
A Creative Director at Adobe Systems, Russell has occupied his job for nearly 25 years — a considerable feat in Silicon Valley.  He is one Adobe’s most creative talents.
Cameron CARPENTER —  Organist http://cameroncarpenter.com/shapeimage_33_link_0
Plainly one of the most astonishing organ virtuosos of all time.
Edwin CATMULL —  President, Pixar & Disney Animation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edwin_Catmullshapeimage_36_link_0
A pioneer in computer graphics and digital cinema, an Oscar winner and the recipient of the John von Neumann award from the IEEE among many other honors, Ed is the co-founder and president of Pixar and president of Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Dick CAVETT —  Magician, Television Host. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Cavettshapeimage_39_link_0
Dick has passions for magic, stand-up comedy, punditry, but is best known and loved as one of the most wide-ranging, thoughtful and gracious of all television hosts. And a marvelous raconteur.
Cady COLEMAN —  Astronaut. http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/coleman.htmlshapeimage_42_link_0
Cady will be going to the Space Station for an extended stay in late 2010.  She's married to glass artist Josh Simpson.
Maisie CROW —  Photojournalist. http://www.maisiecrow.com/shapeimage_45_link_0
Maisie's work focuses on human relationships, their richness, poignance and nuance.  She is a graduate student at Ohio University.
Erik & Marty DEMAINE —  Computers & Arts. http://erikdemaine.org/shapeimage_48_link_0
Marty [father: artist, glassblower] and Erik [son: computer scientist and origami expert] are both at MIT.  Erik recently was a MacArthur recipient, and is a professor of computer science.
Annie DUKE & Katy LEDERER —  Poker & Poetry. http://www.annieduke.com/http://www.brooklyngardenparty.com/shapeimage_52_link_0shapeimage_52_link_1
Annie and Katy are sisters.  Katy is a former VP at a hedge fund turned poet: she has published several volumes of poetry and teaches at Columbia.  
Annie left her doctoral program in cognitive psychology to become one of the world’s winningest professional poker players.
The DYSONS: Freeman, Esther & George — Nuclear family. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeman_Dysonshapeimage_56_link_0
Freeman, the father, is a scientist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.  
George, the son, is an author, historian of technology and a re-inventor of traditional kayak design.  
Esther, the daughter, is a start-up investor in IT and health, a serious traveler and a trained cosmonaut.
The HOBART SHAKESPEAREANS — 5th graders from L.A.      Rafe ESQUITH — their teacher. http://www.hobartshakespeareans.org/http://www.hobartshakespeareans.org/shapeimage_60_link_0shapeimage_60_link_1
The students at Hobart Elementary School qualify for free breakfast and lunch; few speak English as a first language.  Many come from poor or troubled families.  Yet they learn to excel.  They read passionately, far above their grade level, and each April, produce a Shakespeare play so professionally that they often wow great actors like Sir Ian McKellen.  These hardworking dedicated students have traveled the world, and performed at the Supreme Court, at the Lakota Indian Reservation, and at the Globe Theater in England.  Rafe is their 5th grade teacher, an author of many books, and a recipient of the National Medal of Arts, as well as an honorary member of the Order of the British Empire.  
Dave GALLO & Bill LANGE —  Oceanographers http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=19981&tid=241&id=dgallohttp://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=23556&tid=241&id=wlangeshapeimage_64_link_0shapeimage_64_link_1
Nouveaux Cousteau?  The unsinkable Bill & Dave from Woods Hole resurface year after year with even more discoveries from the deep.  At WHOI, Dave is Director of Special Projects and Bill is Director of the Advanced Imaging and Visualization Lab.
Eileen GITTINS —  Founder & CEO, Blurb. http://www.blurb.com/about/teamshapeimage_67_link_0
A veteran of Kodak, Wall Data, Personify, and Verb, Eileen founded Blurb to create a platform that makes it possible for anyone to publish, share and sell beautiful books.
Vanessa GOULD —  Moviemaker. http://www.greenfusefilms.com/team.htmlshapeimage_70_link_0
Vanessa is most recently the director and producer of the highly acclaimed film “Between the Folds,” a documentary that explores the genius of origami and paper folding.
Mike GUNTON —  Natural History Producer. http://www.bbcearth.com/earth-explorer/sir-david-attenboroughinterview-with-mike-gunton/shapeimage_73_link_0
Working with the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery, and the great naturalist Sir David Attenborough, Mike is a producer of natural history epics, including GALAPAGOS, YELLOWSTONE, 
and the breathtaking forthcoming series, LIFE.
Marc-André HAMELIN —  Pianist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc-Andr%C3%A9_Hamelinshapeimage_76_link_0
Marc is one of the supreme piano virtuosos of our time — or any time.  His recorded output and voracious appetite for profoundly challenging repertoire are nonpareil.
Scott HARRISON —  Founder, charity:water. http://www.charitywater.org/about/scotts_story.phpshapeimage_79_link_0
Scott is the founder of charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.
The HILLISES —  Danny, David & Argye.  Scientific siblings. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._Daniel_Hillisshapeimage_84_link_0
Danny, a supercomputer pioneer, is an all-around inventor, entrepreneur and author.

Brother David is a professor of biology at UT Austin, a MacArthur laureate, and owner of the Double Helix Ranch, where he raises longhorn cattle.

Sister Argye is a professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University, working to understand language in the brain, and to apply this understanding to evaluation and treatment of strokes and dementia.
Pablos HOLMAN —  Hacker, Inventor. http://intellectualventureslab.com/shapeimage_86_link_0
Pablos is a futurist, a computer security expert, a notorious hacker, and recently joined Intellectual Ventures to invent interesting things.
Henry KAISER —  Guitarist, Antarctic Diver, Cinematographer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Kaiser_(musician)shapeimage_89_link_0
Henry is one of the most versatile and recorded guitarists in America and has performed on close to 300 albums.  He is also an accomplished research diver; his camerawork has been seen in several of Werner Herzog’s films [including “The Wild Blue Yonder” and “Encounters at the End of the World”].  He’s just returned from his 6th deployment as a diver in the U.S. ANTARCTIC PROGRAM.
The FLYING KARAMAZOV BROTHERS —  Jugglers. http://www.fkb.com/shapeimage_92_link_0
Infamous juggling & comedy troupe:

   “Juglito Ergo Sum.”
David Hume KENNERLY —  Photographer. http://www.kennerly.com/shapeimage_95_link_0
In his early 20‘s, David took stunning ring-side photos at the Ali-Frazier bout.  He then spent a few years in Vietnam, Cambodia and southeast Asia photographing the war.  By 26, he had received a Pulitzer prize for his work and was Gerald Ford’s White House photographer.  
James Earl Jones once said: “David is like Forrest Gump — except he was really there.”
Graham KERR —  Food, Cooking & Gardening Enthusiast. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Kerrshapeimage_98_link_0
With wife Treena as his producer, Graham Kerr became the exuberant “Galloping Gourmet” and a worldwide sensation.  Along with Julia Child he was one of the pioneers of cooking on television.  Lately he has focused on healthy, organic foods and the manifold joys of gardening.
Chip KIDD —  Designer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chip_Kiddshapeimage_101_link_0
Chip is an author, editor and graphic artist.  
But he is probably most renowned for his brilliant and beautiful book cover designs.
One of the most beloved children’s eye doctors, Bill’s thriving practice has attracted parents with needy children all over the world.  Then in 2004, he lost his own sight due to a retinal degenerative disease.
Dr. BILL TAKESHITA — Pediatric Optometrist. http://drbillfoundation.org/?action=homeshapeimage_108_link_0
Evan and Gregg are JibJab, one of the web’s truly original entertainment brands.  Their infamous 2004 election parody, “This Land Is Your Land,” was one of the biggest viral video hits in history, and their digital entertainment studio became one of the top 50 US websites in December 2009.
The SPIRIDELLIS Brothers —  Viral Animators. http://sendables.jibjab.com/shapeimage_111_link_0
Well-known to eg — co-creator of the Day In The Life series and many, many other photographic books.  More than merely artful and industrious, Rick has a knack for applying the most intriguing emerging technologies at the right moment to produce photographic perspectives that are as mind-opening and evolutionary as they are beautiful.
Rick SMOLAN — Photographer.  Brother. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Smolanshapeimage_115_link_0
Rich is a veteran of epic sailing voyages and founder of sitesALIVE: programs linking adventures and expeditions to K-12 classrooms.  RIch recently completed the daunting Vendée Globe, a solo, non-stop race round the world in open 60' sailboats.  He was the oldest skipper and the only American to do it.
Rich WILSON — Sailor. http://sitesalive.com/shapeimage_119_link_0
Ge is a Professor of Computer Music at Stanford, and the inventor of the iPhone ocarina, among other techno-musical marvels.
Ge WANG — Professor of Computer Music. https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~ge/shapeimage_122_link_0
The queen of YouTube in Australia, Natalie is one of the most-watched video bloggers in the world.  Her wry self-produced skits, collected on her YouTube “Community Channel” have been seen by hundreds of millions.
Natalie Tyler TRAN — YouTube Star. http://youtube.com/communitychannelshapeimage_125_link_0
Jamy is an author, magician, mentalist and one of the greatest sleight-of-hand artist in the world.
Jamy Ian SWISS —  Magician, Mentalist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Robertsshapeimage_128_link_0
One of the world’s authorities on the life and work of Charles Darwin, Frank employs evolutionary theory to understand how family dynamics affect personality development.  A long list of accolades includes MacArthur & Guggenheim Fellowships, NSF, AAAS, etc.
Frank SULLOWAY — Behavioral Scientist. http://www.sulloway.org/shapeimage_131_link_0
A new star with Discovery, Oliver is an explorer and investigative reporter whose expeditions have led him to Mongolia, Mauritania, Yemen, New Guinea, and many other far places.
Olly STEEDS — Explorer & Reporter. http://oliversteeds.com/shapeimage_133_link_0
Sandy is a film and television director whose work spans documentaries, features and over 50 television programs, including L.A. Law, Eli Stone, Dawson's Creek, Northern Exposure and many others.  For the last two years, he’s been shooting in Nepal, India, Georgia, Uganda, Rwanda and Peru, exploring how sustainable efforts and new technology can impact developing worlds.
Sandy SMOLAN — Filmmaker. TV Director.  Brother. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Smolanshapeimage_136_link_0
After she famously kissed a girl [long before you-know-who], Jill blazed a new trail as a troubador in the post-digital era.
Jill SOBULE —  Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Robertsshapeimage_138_link_0
Josh is a glass artist who lives and works in Shelburne, MA.  His wife, Cady Coleman, is a NASA Astronaut.
Josh SIMPSON — Glass Artist. http://www.joshsimpson.com/shapeimage_141_link_0
An artist engineer, Bruce employs robotics to make amazing sculptures that move.
Bruce SHAPIRO — Motion Control Artist & Inventor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Robertsshapeimage_144_link_0
Seth is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UC Berkeley and Professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing.  His research is often driven by self-experimentation, and his book, The Shangri-La Diet, was a best-seller.
Seth ROBERTS —  Professor of Psychology. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Robertsshapeimage_147_link_0
David is a pioneer in computer graphics and digital arts [Lucasfilm, Pixar, University of Washington, Microsoft Research] and currently leads the Adobe Creative Technologies Lab, where he is an Adobe Fellow.
David SALESIN —  Computer Graphics Innovator. http://www.adobe.com/technology/people/seattle/salesin.htmlshapeimage_150_link_0
Peter & Faith have produced many gorgeous books together, including: Material World, Man Eating Bugs, Robo sapiens, and Hungry Planet.  
They are presently completing a new book on world-wide nutrition which will be previewed at eg.
Peter MENZEL & Faith D’ALUISIO — Photojournalists. http://menzelphoto.com/http://menzelphoto.com/shapeimage_153_link_0shapeimage_153_link_1
aka “Hot For Words,” Marina is a Russian lexicographer and internet sensation.  
Her YouTube etymology lessons have been 
seen hundreds of millions of times.
Marina ORLOVA —  Philologist. http://youtube.com/hotforwordsshapeimage_156_link_0
Eric MEAD — Magician. Author. Bon Vivant. http://www.ericmead.org/MeadWeb/Salutations.htmlshapeimage_158_link_0
Based at the MIT Media Lab, Tod is one of the world's most visible and active computer music researchers. He has recently created several extraordinary high-tech operas.  Death and the Powers is his opera in progress.
Tod MACHOVER —  Composer & Computer Scientist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tod_Machovershapeimage_161_link_0
As Norman Lear put it: 

“Go see Emily at the risk of blowing your mind, splitting your sides and exiting a better person.”
Emily LEVINE —  Philosopher-Comic. http://www.emilylevineuniverse.com/shapeimage_164_link_0
Anna is 14 and enjoys singing, dancing and photography.  She lives in New York City and is a student at the Dalton School.  

Oh — and she plays the violin . . .
Anna LEE —  Violinist. http://online.wsj.com/video/violin-virtuoso-anna-lee/BEB6BAFB-505E-4774-9AFF-EFA04AEFFEB3.htmlshapeimage_167_link_0
It’s finished: Mike’s beautiful film, born at EG’07, Bach & Friends is done and will be shared at eg this year. He’s also the creator of The Quiz Show Scandal, Memory & Imagination, Plutonium and many other fascinating films.
Mike LAWRENCE —  Documentary Filmmaker. http://www.mlfilms.com/productionsshapeimage_170_link_0
Grammy-winner Richard Stoltzman is one of the most highly regarded clarinetists in the world.
He has performed with over one hundred orchestras and in countless concerts: solo and chamber; classical and jazz.  As the New York Times put it: If Mr. Stoltzman is not one of a kind, who might the others be?
Richard STOLTZMAN — Clarinetist. http://www.richardstoltzman.com/shapeimage_174_link_0
Steve Jobs’ favorite gadget blog is said to be Gizmodo: Brian is editorial director, and works at the vanguard where new forms of journalism meet and mingle with new forms of technology.
Brian LAM —  Technology Journalist, Gizmodo. http://www.brianlam.netshapeimage_177_link_0
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