15 April 2013


The next best thing to being there.

The EG registration deadline has passed. If you still hope to come to Monterey, contact Jane Rosch immediately.

If you can't make it to Monterey, you can still subscribe to the EG live stream. This gives you live access to the full content of the conference as well as interviews and on-demand access to all the talks — and most presentations are available to subscribers within an hour or two of being given.

And YES: There are special discounts for students and educators.


EG returns to Monterey in 2014. Conference dates will be announced on Friday, 19 April. Priority and a special discount will be offered first to all attendees at EG this year, and then to subscribers of the EG live stream and past attendees.

As always, attendance is strictly limited to 300: first come, first served.

Don't get boxed out.

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Jonathan Winters gave a poignant talk at EG in 2007, tracing his life and some of his struggles, though not without that devilish twinkle. He also spoke about his lifelong love for Eileen, his devoted wife for 60 years, and her profound support for him. Few who were there realized that Eileen was in the back of the hall in a wheelchair. She was terminal with cancer. This was one of their last public outings together (she passed on about a year later), and it was capped by a heartfelt standing ovation — one of just a handful Jonny said he had ever received. Then he mowed down the audience with one last riff.

One of our dear friends at EG, Scott Simon, enjoyed a particularly insightful interview with Jonathan in 2000 on NPR (the full interview, which we highly recommend, is at the bottom of that page).

Mr. Winters was a national treasure. Utterly original, he brought joy to so many, finding the real humor in real life in ways that lifted countless hearts.

We can't wait to see you in gorgeous Monterey — or through your orthicon intertubes.

Michael Hawley, EG director