8 February 2012

Dear eg friends,

Two special announcements and five more presenters...

For Valentine's Day, 14 February 2012, EG presenter Jonathan Harris is collecting stories from people all over the world about the first person with whom they fell in love.

These stories of first loves will appear on Cowbird, a growing community of storytellers building a public library of human experience, and at this year's EG conference. Cowbird is a kind of sanctuary for stories, told in pictures, sounds and words. You're invited to participate in this beautiful initiative by sharing your own stories of first loves.

To take part, click here for your personal page.


EG presenter Trey Ratcliff, world wanderer and pioneer of HDR photography, has just released a new app called Stuck on Earth. It's a new kind of travel app that brings you the best places in the world to visit, explore and photograph. What a gorgeous gift for fellow explorers, photographers and daydreamers. It's exquisite — and: it's free.

More announcements coming next week... As they used to say on TV (remember TV?) — stay tuned!

Michael Hawley, EG director

Author & Hacker

Renowned for his ripping novels and best-selling science fiction, Neal's been thinking about how to get us back in the habit of getting big things done, and will talk about one very big thing in particular: a tower connecting the earth's surface to its stratosphere.

Daughter & MotherElizabeth, 14, is profoundly affected by autism and can't speak, yet she illuminates her inner world through poetry. Co-authored with her Mom, Virginia, their book I Am in Here, is a moving and wise spiritual journey.
Baker Publishing
ArchitectAuthor (a dozen books), educator (McGill, Ben Gurion, Yale, Harvard), and urban theorist, Moshe is best known as one of the world's most iconic architects. From his earliest (Habitat 67) to his latest (Crystal Bridges Museum), his elegant creations uplift communities with distinctive grace.
Safdie Architects
Explorer & ProducerSnow Leopards hunting in the Himalayas, Birds of Paradise in Papua, Arctic Wolves at the North Pole and Adelie Penguins in the Ross Sea — all of these rarest of creatures and many more, and their astounding behaviors, have been captured by Jeff in his adventures with the BBC.
Frozen Planet
From The TopKnown for: outrageous socks; Santa Claus beard. Frequently found: dancing on stage to James Brown before large audiences of classical music fans. Jerry is co-CEO, co-founder, and relentless advocate of From the Top, the preeminent showcase for young musicians.