Hardly a day has passed in all these months that I haven't thought about something that happened at eg."
— Dick Cavett


The next eg — the fifth anniversary — will be 7-9 April 2011 in Monterey, barely five months away. If you haven't done it yet, ink the dates and register before the last seats are gone: http://the-eg.com (contact Jane Rosch — jane@the-eg.com — if you need extra help).

In the ecology of conferences, eg remains unique. This is not a gathering focused on gizmos or ordinary business sectors. It isn't an academic think-tank or a corporate marketing affair or an industrial press event celebrating things that need connectors and firmware upgrades. eg convenes some of the most remarkable, creative and productive souls in our culture.

Last year, Scott Cook asked me: How did you get a mix so rich with hits and so lacking in duds? How did you come up with the entrancing theme of "family" and then find so many families where each member was so additive? Answer: it's like solving a really tough Rubik's cube. We sift hundreds of ideas to try to find 40 or so individuals whose passions will gel into something with the right glow. We're focused on that right now.

This week, I received dozens of spontaneous suggestions for presenters from eg folks. So here's your chance: if you have an idea for a potential attendee, presenter, or perhaps someone you fantasize about hearing from, please contact me directly (mike@the-eg.com). We have about 30 days to work on your ideas. As you think on this, keep in mind the specialness of this opportunity — how unforgettable, and occasionally even life-altering these moments can be for all involved. Dick Cavett gushed about his experience in the New York Times recently (Dear Fellow Improbable).

If you attended eg last year and have not yet received your copy of REFLECTIONS, contact Jane or just order one online from Blurb. Beautiful design by Michael Rylander. It's a gem.

Meanwhile, a few updates from our farflung eg stars:

More updates soon. Warm wishes,

Michael Hawley / mike@the-eg.com / eg director